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Fascia, Soffit, and Flashing

At the Chattanooga Gutter Company, we are committed to protecting your home. From chimney flashing, counter flashing, to replacing/ installing fascia, and  soffits, our services are designed to simultaneously protect and enhance your home. Call us today in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to learn how we can improve and protect your home.

Soffits & Fascia

More often than not, when an old gutter is removed, we find that there are areas of the fascia and soffit that have fallen victim to a poorly functioning gutter system. Our expert installers can repair / replace these areas to ensure your home is prought back to proper health.



Counter & Chimney Flashing

Anytime shingles meet brick these areas are susceptible to leaks. Flashing helps waterproof your home by preventing water from going behind shingles and saturating the brick. We also install aluminum flashing around chimneys to further prevent leaks.








Contact us at (423) 300-6461 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for money-saving counter and chimney flashing services.